How To Select Paving Stones

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There are 3 types of paving stones that are used commonly for the driveways and patios too:

• Concrete pavers that are made up of cement.
• Brick pavers, made up of clay.
• Stone pavers that are made up from natural stones like flagstones and granite.

These stones are available in different shapes and colors, thus gives you many options to design your garden slabs. Some of the popular patterns used in paving are-basket weave, herringbone, circles etc. For a unique and creative look you can also mix different designs.

As the driveway is normally the first thing that the visitors will look at coming to your house, thus paving the driveway with stones will give a good impression.  Few things that need to be considered are your budget, climate, drainage system of the driveway and the availability of time for maintaining it.

Use of driveway edge should be considered if using paving stones or other material in the driveway. It has many benefits like-

• The chance of appearing of cracks will be reduced.
• The appearance of the driveway becomes better.
• Pavers are supported.
• Requirement of maintenance will be reduced.

The most popular pavers are the stones, but they can't be the best option always. Bricks can also be used in many cases as they are strong and durable both. During the year when the shifts happen, bricks can easily adapt them.

The style and color of the stone should also be considered while choosing the pattern. The surface at the top should be riven, naturally domed or sawn. A sawn stone that is polished lends it naturally to the intricate patterns, relying on colors as on pattern of lying. Rustic look is given to the patterns by the riven stone and time worn look can be given by the reclaimed stones.

The installation cost of the paving stones is more than the asphalt or concrete, yet the paving slabs of paving stones are becoming common. Paving stones make themselves cost effective to the exteriors of the home as they are easy to repair and durable, as well.

The most commonly looked part of the home is Driveway. As it is a place to park the car, thus not too much expense and thought goes for the maintenance and installation. As the asphalt and poured concrete are less expensive, most of the driveways are made from these only. However, they can easily crack and are inflexible, ass the act of moving the heavy vehicles on the concrete driveway daily can cause cracks. The cracks are difficult to be repaired as on repairing they leave scars that are not worth watching, but also decrease homes value
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How To Select Paving Stones

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This article was published on 2012/03/07