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The case gives dwells on the life of Alex Stone who was a very focused and committed gentleman in all his undertakings. Stone had strong passions of ensuring tasks within his mandate are efficiently and quickly executed. The ambitions and passions of Stone were outstanding in that he was always focused to excel in his undertakings. This is very evident in his academics, whereby after completing his bachelor's degree he proceeded for a master's degree. Stone believed in the virtue of teamwork and unity, whereby after completing his master's degree he joined earlier graduates in seeking a job. The true connection alumni group assisted him to get a job in Plainview as an assistant city manager. It is of great importance to note that, the city manager was Frank Bartels who was also a member of the true connection, hence demonstrating the spirit of brotherhood.

The capabilities and potentials of Stone were very evident through his commitment in his job as an assistant city manager. From another perspective, he established good relationships in his workplace, whereby he gained trust and respect from his employees. The ambitions and passions of Stone of excelling in life are also evident when he decided to leave Plainview. In this regard, he perceived his stay in the city as waste of time and tarnishing of dreams. Stone made a critical decision in leaving the job at Plainview and decided to look for a better job, though he was aware better jobs were scarce. Hs passion and commitment in composing himself for a better job was explicit. Stone's devotion in seeking a new job didn't go in vain, whereby he got a position in Sparta city. This was after excellent presentation in interviews as well as strong referencing from his professor, John McGee, Bartels as well as chairman of his graduate committee.

The character and potentials of Stone were also demonstrated in his new position in Sparta city, whereby all members of the organization recognized him as a hardworking, dynamic administrator who had the potential of enhancing the performance of the organization. Stone's passion for solving problems in the organization was outstanding. After thorough scrutiny of reports and policies regarding personnel systems, Stone discovered a high sense of inequality and misuse of power. Based n the identified problems, Stone proposed an external evaluation of the personnel system that proposed re-classification and audit of the job classifications. After consultation with other council members, Stone recommended for immediate implementation of a hierarchical arrangement of jobs. It is also noted that, the new strategy was received with a lot of suspicion since many members of the council perceived that it will affect their positions as well as privileges from the organization.

A. Case Summary

This is a non-fiction story that gives a picture of the real happenings in human society. To begin with, the story gives the life of a hardworking and ambitious gentleman by the name Alex Stone, who was always overwhelmed by the desire to excel in life. This is demonstrated through his hard work in school, whereby he attained is bachelor's degree and there after his master's degree. The desire and strong passion of Stone in seeing things done quickly and efficiently is also evident throughout his career. In this case, he strived had and attained managerial positions in two different organizations, whereby he demonstrated autonomy and capability in executing his responsibilities. From another perspective, the aspect of leadership is also demonstrated through the character of Stone. This is evident through his ability to excel in executing his duties, whereby he his able to gain respect. In addition, Stone prioritized the interests of his juniors as well as the organizations goals.

The issue of organizational behavior and change is also outstanding throughout the case. In this regard, the personnel systems in Sparta City were dominated by inequalities and abuse of power. In response to this situation, Stone was out to bring positive change in the organization by establishing the principles of equality and efficiency. Nevertheless, the reform process faced with a lot of challenges and barriers, whereby the officials in the council are suspicious about the effects of the change. This phenomenon, demonstrates the challenges and difficulties faced in implementing reforms. The concept of teamwork and brotherhood is also demonstrated in the case. This is much evident through the true connection alumni organization, whereby members were assisted to get jobs. The prosperity of Stone was directly influenced by his colleagues who assisted him to get his first and second job.

B. Key Actors and Their Roles

Alex Stone is the key actor in the case, whereby he plays the role of a reformer. This is evident through his desire in helping organizations to attain their goals as well as solving existing problems. Stone's desire for equality in the personnel systems in Sparta city is explicit, thus justifying his role as a reformer. Stone's character is also an inspiration to many people, whereby he his always focused to excel in his undertakings. Frank Bartels is also a key actor who has played the role of a good brother and guardian. This is demonstrated through the assistance he gave to Stone throughout his career. The true connection alumni is also a key actor in the case, whereby their have demonstrated the spirit of brotherhood. In this regard, they helped all members to secure a job alongside assisting in various life problems. Professor John McGee has also played the role of a good referee, whereby he has testified the good character of Stone thus enabling him to secure a job with Plainview city. McGee was also the chairman and supporter of the True connection, whereby he was an inspiration and guardian to the young graduates. In addition, city officials in Sparta city have also been key actors in the case, in this regard they have demonstrated the role of ant reformist, whereby they challenged the reforms proposed by Stone.

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