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A form of rock stone, Pumice stone is derived from volcanic lava. It is used to remove stain from hard surfaces, pumice stone is supposed to have great cleaning abilities. Many times, people use pumice stone solely while many a times it is combined with other cleaning agents.
Normally available at almost every hardware shop, it is also known as washing stone. A pumice stone is considered a stone of multi purpose use.  Let's check out here, what are the core benefits of use of Pumice Stone -
Pumice stones are able to remove hardened stains on brick work . You only need to rub the pumice stone gently and stain will be no where.
People also use these stone in kitchens to clean Grills made of cast iron, Skillets, Fry Pans as well as cookware. If you are having trouble time cleaning Cast iron and Barbeque hotplates, pumice stone is your tool to clean everything.
You can also use pumice stone to clean stains made of food, grease and carbon build ups.
If you are struggling to remove concrete stains, go to nearest chemist shop or hardware shop, get a pumice stone and remove the stain.
You do not want to look at the toilet bowls due to its dirty stained look? You should immediately get a small piece of this rock stone. Now use the rock stone on the stained area and see the magic that will enthrall you.
Apart from such strong stains, these stones are also able to clean stains on fabric products, as it is recommended as a cleaning agent to keep your carpets looking new for ever. But, it is always suggested to be take precautionary steps while cleaning carpet with pumice stones. At that time you must keep the stone wet to avoid scratches on the carpets. Many beauticians use this stone to rub feet too. This is one of the most used pedicure agent, as it cleans feet easily and also removes dead skins.
In home cleaning you can use these rock stones to clean metal objects but it will be better to avoid, if the surface it delicate and can be scratched easily.
However, it is available in hardware shops and chemist stores but if you want to get a quality version of it, it would be better to consult any of pumice stone wholesalers.

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Pumice Stone Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/11/01