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With Stone Increasingly widespread application, it works on the stone is also increasing emphasis on safety and quality. However, the characteristics of the stone many poorly understood, so the stone had a lot of misunderstanding, in this it is necessary to stone the building on the rational application of science to make a clearance.

One doubts: stone heavy equipment will be security risks in the high altitude it?

Than the general high-level decorative stone

Glass 3 times heavier, posted hundreds of stone outer walls, stone curtain wall is often considered particularly high security risk will exist, fear no stone "heaven" causing physical security threats.

FAQ In fact, the use of stone wall construction is in strict accordance with "metal and stone curtain technical specifications" (JGJ133-2001) requirements implemented. From the technology point of view, construction of stone hanging on the main structure is the main force set point, through a metal pendant will be fixed in stone buildings form a decorative stone wall.

Stone hanging in the main advantages: First, to improve the safety and durability, can effectively avoid the wet paste process appears

Plate Void, crack, fall off and so on; the second is to keep walls clean and beautiful, avoid white, color and so on; third is to improve the working condition, and reduce the labor intensity, speed up the progress of the project. From the material point of view, decorative stone material is critical to ensure quality of the project, in addition to stone, the main steel (aluminum) frame material, siding, linking, structure

Glue And sealing glue, such as weathering. The use of aluminum,

Steel Other sections, must meet state specifications. Aluminum surface of the plating layer must be above the national AAA5-level requirements must be hot dip galvanized steel or other corrosion materials processing, in order to ensure rust does not occur. Hanging panel must be used to connect more than 3 mm stainless

Plate Or 4 mm or more of aluminum. And widely used than glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall of security is even higher. And the use of structural adhesive fixed glass curtain wall, compared with metal components connected to a solid than stone.

Doubt two: Stone vulnerable to pollution and the "disease" should not be used?

Many decorative stone Construction Resulting from stone "disease", such as water spots, vomiting yellow efflorescence, so that people feel good wait on stone, quality problems, thus producing a contradiction, that the use of stone is not convenient.

FAQ Fact, not difficult to solve these problems, first of protection for stone processing factory. Natural stone is a mineral, coarse pores within the various sources of pollution such as water, acid, oil, etc. which will penetrate the formation of "disease", so it should be in stone before leaving the factory specification sheet brushing stone repellant, preferably permeability The repellant (there are two kinds of solvent and water) to form a protective barrier to prevent the pollution of alien infiltration within the stone and the bottom to prevent seepage of pollution to achieve the stone to keep the original appearance, the purpose of extending the life of stone. Second, the later stone maintenance is also important. In order to maintain the beautiful stone, careful maintenance is necessary, which includes daily cleaning, contamination removal and polishing grinding three.

Daily cleaning with water or some neutral cleaning agent, after cleaning the surface must be dry to avoid residual water pollution. Daily cleaning can only remove superficial dust and dirt, if you encounter some special pollution, such as plant pigment pollution, oil, rust, etc., you must use a special cleaning agent to clean. If the surface is not very shiny or scratch even the tarnished, depends on a stone for polishing or grinding. Have a special coating syrup, coated with a polishing machine to increase the brightness after; polished Zexu as the damage extent of the stone, the light hand polishing with syrup, heavy recipients will use the sanding machine with dedicated agents, make stone restoration original luster.

All in all, after a reasonable design, construction, use, can well control the quality and safety of stone works. As a natural stone building high plasticity

Decorative Materials

, To improve the quality of buildings and increase the content building, is unmatched by other building materials.
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Stone Curtain Wall To Prevent Disease? Maintenance Is Very Important - Stone, Maintenance, Stone

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Stone Curtain Wall To Prevent Disease? Maintenance Is Very Important - Stone, Maintenance, Stone

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