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First Chengdu (International) Stone Fair opened in April 30, May 7 over the identity of the author Zeng Yi exhibitors participated in the Stone Fair. A few days off, leaving a heavy heart about, but also triggered a few reflection.


 In fairness, the hardware construction of the Chengdu Stone Fair is the best: Pavilion government building, than focus, the exhibition area and exhibition area near white and bright halls wide, and this is in any other parts of the country stone development are second to none. Second, the guests invited stone exhibition is more, the original organizing committee planned only 40 guests, the result produced 80 guests card, or can not meet demand, which was registered a few guests did not guests to get evidence. Once again, to visit the tourist is more, within seven days, almost every day coming and going, steady stream. But in sales, awards, and organizations a series of problems still exist, causing a large number of stone Friends of the discontent. Should pay attention and reflection.


 One reflection from the sales perspective, is really very dissatisfied. Sales of the entire exhibition area is only 500,000 yuan, but one of more than 300,000 of the Feast (agate), the other sales very much. The same is true of sales outside the booth, where more than 100 yuan in the rocks on the very few people buy. Therefore, the faithful have the field to reflect the stone, "the loss of original capital, even the tolls are also into a loss." Arrangements, especially the original three-day auction period, the result would only "beat" half a day to a hasty end up.


 The second review, Stone Fair's awards did not reflect the "open, fair and just" principle, almost the entire process all black box-style operation. First, the awards too short, twenty-eight scheduled on the 29th for the awards of the judges, the result is reduced to only on the 29th day. More than 2000 pieces of stone, a day assessment completed, each stone will have a few seconds? This fly and, assessment of energy correct? A result, many of the share and not been assessed. Secondly, there is no feedback time. Described by invitation, awards, "the time for the April 30 announcement." The results have been towed at 4:00 p.m. on the May 7 announcement later (Move the day before), then the judges had to leave, some people have no place to mention, even if unreasonable awards, there is no way to feedback their views. And this time the Friends have been a lot of stone stones automatically withdrawn. Again, the results to adjust the Nobel committee more. View from the results announced at least two in number "0267" "1050" is repeated. The same stone, which won gold, silver was given to it in the awards history can not be not a strange phenomenon. Jury awards illustrates the results had been adjusted but not adjusted, resulting in leakage of "himself away!" (This is the mouth of a member from the organizing committee confirmed). As a result, caused great dissatisfaction rock faithful, have said that this rock show is a fraud? Did not comment publicly on the cursed, even though comments on the prize medals is also suspected of "gold content" is sufficient.

 Reflection of three members of the panellist was bad faith and the promise of something hard to fulfill. First, at the opening day, a few guests did not receive guests card, committee members agreed to: "Tomorrow replacement!" The next day to look for, then push "tomorrow will certainly be a replacement!" Result 7 tomorrow down or has not been a replacement. Second, on May 7 day winners were published, some friends found two stone No repeat winners of the phenomenon. Go to the Organizing Committee promised to give them up a couple of awards. And promised a few days after the printing of medals, and to the card, said contact with him after a few days. The results more than 10 days have passed, and then call, some say, "Medals do not print well!" Some say "do not know what is going on!" So to speak like this does not count, they only sent back to the stone faithful the behavior of family trouble, it should not happen in the stone industry. Play the stone would have been, they should first one, said second two, things will simply not do without that promised things would have to be.


 The fourth reflection, not a good beginning of a thesis seminar. "Foreign rocks cultural forum" should be held on the morning of May 3, the result is open in the evening finished on May 1, less than two hours, and many authors did not notice that. And many procedures are not in accordance with prior arrangements.


 Recommended that future development around the stone, and the authorities should regulate what has not done already, to do some good on! Learn a little more organized and more successful experience, stay a little less faithful to the stone sorry!

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This article was published on 2010/10/14