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There is a tonsil stones treatment available to those that need it. Tonsil stones can be irritating and feel like you have something stuck in your throat. They can be very small up to the size of a pea though very small stones may go unnoticed as many do not feel them. Those that have tonsil tones tend to also have bad breath as they are made up of sulfur compounds that also cause bad breath.

Some symptoms of tonsil stones include the feeling of something on your tonsil or the back of your throat, throat closing or tightening, choking, metallic tastes and coughing fits. They tend to form more in adults than children. Many of them can be discovered through a CT scan or X-ray.

Many individuals try to get rid of tonsil stones by squeezing them or scratching their tonsils with their fingers. They are trying to unclog them from their spots but this can actually be very dangerous. This is also very unhygienic and can cause your tonsil to bleed and be very sore. If you do persist in squeezing them, then it is recommended that you clean and even sterilize your hands. It is best to squeeze a tonsil stone with a moist cotton bud rather then your fingers.

A toothbrush can also be used to dislodge the stones though many people cannot remove tonsil stones themselves due to the gag reflex. It is possible to overcome the gag reflex by numbing the throat with Chloraseptic or by flexing your throat muscles, raising the tongue and then forcing yourself to swallow. Many times this pressure can cause the tonsil stones to dislodge.

Pulsating irrigation can also be used. A low pressure setting is recommended. Medicine droppers can be used to suck out the stones. If you decide to use irrigation, then warm salt water is recommended. You can empty a nasal spray bottle and fill it with warm salt water.

There are surgical treatments that can be used on severe cases of tonsil stones by removing the tonsil or using an oral curette. The curette is a long thin metal stick that has a loop at the end used for digging them out. Laser surgery can also be used to vaporize them though a general anesthetic is needed. The most dramatic type of treatment is by removing the tonsil completely though this not recommended as a good course of treatment.

It should be noted that just because you have now removed your tonsil stones does not mean you have treated them. You need to treat the cause of them otherwise they will keep reappearing. The most effective way to treat them is through oral hygiene.

Since tonsil stones are caused by the same compounds as bad breath eliminating these compounds through good oral hygiene is the best course of action. By changing to good oral hygiene you will eliminate whatever was causing them in the first place as well as keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

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Tonsil Stones Treatment That Works

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This article was published on 2010/04/01